1. ThefreeCodeCamp Forum

The freeCodeCamp Forum is a community that helps developers with programming tips and career advice. The forum is divided into different forums specific to different interests. HTML, CSS, career advice, motivation, and a general group. The community is free so all you need to do is sign up with your email!

2. CoffeeCup

CoffeeCup is a community that helps designers design better sites. They do this with their main goal, which is to make life easier providing customers with affordable software. There is also a forum, where you can ask questions about design, or any other questions developers have, This forum is also free, so all that’s needed is to sign up with email.

3. Dev.To

If you have interesting information to write about Front End Development or want a more curated information search on all things technology, this is the place to go! DEV.To is an open source community of more than 600,000 developers who share, learn, and stay updated with the latest technology trends. They have many resources, like podcasts, articles, videos, hackathons and more.

4. CodeProject

CodeProject is a community for computer programmers. They have articles on different topics and languages like web development, software development, Java, C++ and more.

5. DevRant

DevRant is a community that I believe most developers will enjoy. This community is essentially made to help Front End Developers have an online space to share their frustrations and successes in programming. DevRant also has an android app and an iOS app that Front End Developers can use.