First Impressions

Good Front End Development is essential in making a first good impression with the intended audience the website is for. The Front End of a website is the first thing that makes an impact on customers. The aesthetics of your site can give the customers a sense of the culture behind the site and if that is misrepresented it can be jarring or unappealing.

Trust in the Site

When a site doesn’t have good front-end development, users can feel that the site is not to be trusted. Many customers that they could have had could be potentially lost because customers don’t feel safe using the site. If the front-end development is faulty or doesn’t run smoothly this can cause users to never come back to the site as well. Business owners need to ensure that their front-end developers are making sites that can successfully function.


The front-end development of a site is very important to convey the branding of your site. Front end developers use many features like colors, fonts, graphics and language to help customers associate branding to their website or a product their website is trying to advertise. Branding symbols are very important on a business website’s look. The branding of a website can make a lasting impact on customers. Front-End Development helps with the recognizability of the branding in even day to day situations.