10 Essential Resources for Every Developer

Applications for Writing, Editing, and Compiling Source Code


Atom is a free, open-source desktop application for text and source code editing that was developed by GitHub in 2015. It’s currently available for Windows, Mac, and Linux and is an extremely popular tool in the front-end development community due to its flexibility and freedom from cost. Atom allows users to download and manage packages that add or change the application’s features making it extremely customizable and adaptable.


Bootstrap is one of the most popular front-end development tools in the world. It is a CSS framework that allows developers to create easy, responsive designs and is geared specifically towards create mobile-friendly website designs. This free and open-source program, originally created by developers at Twitter, has both CSS and JavaScript design templates and gives developers a wide range of tools to work with.


JQuery is a free, open-source JavaScript library created by MIT. It’s used by 73% of the most popular sites on the web because it makes it easier for front-end developers to use Ajax, create CSS animations, control event handling, and traverse or manipulate HTML DOM trees.


AngularJS is a JavaScript framework used to create dynamic apps by using HTML as a foundation and then extending your HTML through scripts. It helps front-end developers shorten their code and do more with it by implementing data binding, directives, and other techniques that all happen in the browser. This cuts down on response time and makes designs inherently more responsive.

Resources for Selecting Colors and Font

HTML Color Codes Color Picker

HTML Color Codes Color Picker is a great resource for discovering colors to use on your website and their hex code number. This color picker also lets you create and export a palette, making it easy to find and keep track of all the colors you’ll be using on your site.

W3School’s Color Picker

W3School’s Color Picker is another great resource for selecting website design colors and color schemes. This color picker provides a solid color square with white and black text to show contrast as well as a range of lighter and darker shades in the color tone you’ve selected.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts is a great resource for finding free, creative, and effective fonts for your website. Google Fonts allows you to search by font style, family, weight, or design. Once you’ve found a font style (more many) that you like, you can easily select the font to get the link and paste that link into your code to begin using that font on your website.

Font Awesome

Despite its name, Font Awesome is not a resource for finding cool fonts, but it is a great resource for front-end developers who need icons or simple images to use on their website. Font Awesome icons can be styled like font using attributes such as “font-size” or “font-shadow” to change the size or add shadow decoration to the image. This feature gives front-end developers tons of options and control over their site icons.

Communities for Front-End Developers


GitHub is an online code sharing and hosting platform that helps developers through version control and management tools and also helps developers network. Many tools used by the front-end development community (including Atom which was mentioned earlier in this list) have been created through community projects hosted on GitHub. It’s large and devoted community makes GitHub a great resource for front-end developer.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is like Reddit, Quora, and Wikipedia combined, but for programmers and developers. It’s an online repository of questions and answers to common coding problems which is maintained by its large community of users. Stack Overflow is another great community resource for developers seeking help and advice on their projects.