Meet the Team

Edward Davis

Edward Davis is an Interactive Design major at KSU. He is passionate about designing clean and beautiful digital products for users. In his free time, Edward loves to watch movies, play ping-pong and work on design projects.

Keya Mehta

Keya Mehta is a student at Kennesaw State University. She had minimal experience in HTML or coding before this site. She is currently taking a Front End Development class in which she is learning a variety of skills in HTML and CSS.

Marissa Bailey

Marissa a technical writer who joined our team in 2021. She has experience creating product documentation, white papers, advertising and marking flyers, social media campaigns, user manuals, and a variety of other technical documents. When she isn’t writing for work, she’s writing fiction as an aspiring novelist. In her spare time, Marissa volunteers for organizations that support animal welfare, mental health, and education.

Marina Hernandez

Marina Hernandez is a third-year interactive design student at Kennesaw State University. Her experience witth front-end development was very limited prior to taking this class. Marina faced a lot of challenges this semester and is trying her best. She hopes to work at a social media, automotive, or tech company as a UX designer focusing on app prototyping when she graduates.